Media Literacy:
Emily Gardner reminded me of the PBS site where you design a cereal box and analyze advertisements.
used this site with the older grades.

Ruth Cook:For kinder I showed them a McDonald's commercial on YouTube that featured the Smurfs. Then we talked about why they all wanted to go to McDonald's.
We also discussed a couple of these junk food clips.

Clarissa Grindle:
At TCEA they showed us this link. Thought it was really neat. Hope it helps. It's one of the links on my glogster.

Amy Uselman: I am going to be making Book Trailers using Animoto with my second graders to cover the Media Literacy piece. (you'll definitely want to sign up to get the educational version that lets you create longer projects for free or you'll be limited to 30 seconds which really isn't long enough.) It's perfect to show them how images, graphics and sound work together to impact meaning! We will also look at different examples of Book Reviews and then make our own Animoto. You could make one as a whole group for a book they've had read to them recently maybe in class or an Armadillo book you've read together.

Keri Thrift: I read Melanie Watt's book, Have I Got a Book for You and show them a ShamWow infomercial clip from youtube. First I ask them if they want to buy a towel for $19.99 and they say no, then we watch the sham-Wow clip and see how it tries to persuade them into buying it. I also watch a Cheerios commercial and talk about how they make it appealing to kids by having the honey bee go on a pirate adventure and offer a free toy. I also turn to some ads in magazines and newspapers and have them guess what they are trying to sell.

Jollyville Elementary - Christine Carter
5th - Evaluating Web sites

Kindergarten - 1st grade: The Library Lion
Angela Hall - Callison Elemetnary

2nd Grade Famous Americans Research Project

Blackland Prairie

4th-5th Caraway How to navigate website from home, how to complete library survey, how to use library blog to the fullest

2nd grade - Famous Person Graphic Organizer Lesson - by Ginna Wimmer, Sommer Elementary

Second Grade Inference Lesson- Meerkat Mail- by Keri Thrift, Forest North Elementary

Second Grade Summarizing 5 E Lesson

Stone Fox Novel Study (3rd Grade Enrichemnt Group)- Ami Uselman
Lesson was completed over a one week timeline

2nd Grade Database Research Lesson/Biography Unit - EC (Brushy Creek)
The lesson plan writeup is on the first page, and the activity sheet is on page 2.

Animal Research (1st grade enrichment, or 2nd or 3rd grade) - Jennifer Freeman (WBE)

Soil Lesson - Sammie Slone

Penguin Big6 Lesson - Kathi Dalton

See also images under 'Penguin' in Content list.

Scaredy Squirrel - Dayna Dees

Deep Wood Lesson Plan: Comparing Fiction to Nonfiction Grades K - 2

Berkman Lesson Plan:
Landform Lesson Plan.doc

Double File Trail Lesson Plan - Famous African American Research project - 3rd grade

Anderson Mill Lesson Plan: Thesaurus Lesson - Lisa Henson
RRISD Lesson Plan(Thesaurus) 2008-09 template.doc
RRISDCards for Thesaurus Lesson.doc

Canyon Creek Artist Unit 5th

Pond Springs Database Science Lesson Grade 2

Great Oaks Elementary

Link for Media Literacy:

Storyboard - Book trailers - Clarissa

Live Oak Elementary

Cactus Ranch - 4th grade biomes

Caldwell Heights - 3rd Grade Landforms

Forest Creek Elementary

Caldwell Heights - 5th Grade Inferring

Callison Procedural Text